5 tests, find the action that you are temporarily unsuitable for.

Many people have recently started sports again, such as aerobics at home, lifting dumbbells, fitness rings or running outdoors. A few days later, before the effect of exercise was seen, some people stopped because of the pain in their knees, waist or shoulders and began to complain: "Exercise is really dangerous!" "

If you had read this article earlier, the result might have been different.

Because,There is nothing wrong with exercise itself. What really hurts is your lack of ability to use your body and your wrong exercise plan..Before you start exercising, you need to know your basic abilities.Know which actions you can do and which ones are unsafe and ineffective for the time being..

People who can use their bodies correctly have a straight back and strong hips and legs after training.

People with insufficient ability stoop loosely, and the harder they practice, the more painful their backs get.

Comparison between correct and wrong actions of lifting heavy objects from the ground

As for how to test this ability, mature methods have been used in China national team, American professional basketball league (NBA), European football clubs and ordinary people, such as functional action screening (FMS). From a completely motionless white to a high-level athlete, you can get help from it.

Football players of China Swimming National Team, NBA and Rome Team are conducting FMS screening | FMS

If there is no professional to help you screen, you can do the following self-test, which can be done by one person at home with only one door and one pole:

Move first, then exercise.

As long as you exercise, you need to affect some joints, and mobility is the ability of joints to move in all directions.

If the activity is insufficient and the movements are not in place, the body needs to work hard to resist the extra resistance. Moreover, if one joint is stiff, the adjacent joint may be forced to increase the range of motion to compensate.Moving where you shouldn’t move is easy to cause damage. But the greater the activity, the better.If one’s own strength is not enough to control such a wide range of activities, it is also easy to get hurt.

The following four actions can help find the most common lack of activity.

Bow your head and touch the ground

The first actionIt tests the ability of the spine and hip joint to bend, and it is used for bending the body, such as various squats and leg lifts.If the bending place can’t be bent, other parts may be overactive, which is easy to cause shoulder and neck low back pain.

Before the test, stand up straight with your feet together, try to lower your head first, and then try to touch the ground with your fingertips.

The following test is only for healthy people. Please stop immediately if you feel pain and other discomfort during the process. The test action is not suitable for practice.

■ Criteria for passing the test: the distance between chin and chest shall not exceed the width of two fingers, the fingertips can touch the ground, and the contour of the back is smooth (hard downward force does not count, and the moving picture is twice the speed).

If the chin is far away from the chest, it indicates that the neck movement is not good, and you may also have the habit of stretching your head forward at ordinary times. The shoulder movement is not smooth and it is easy to have neck and shoulder pain.

If you can’t reach the ground, look at which section can’t be bent from the side. The first case is that the back is very flat, suggesting poor spinal mobility.

The second type is back bending, but the angle between waist and thigh is very large, suggesting that the hip joint has insufficient flexion ability and is prone to low back pain.

Knee top door

This action tests the ability of ankle flexion, that is, how much the body can move forward when the foot steps on the ground. If you fail the test,Actions such as running, jumping and squatting are easy to deform, and the posture of walking and going up and down stairs will also be affected in severe cases.

When testing, the toe is half a foot away from the door frame, keep the heel close to the ground, try to hold the door frame with your knees, and then exchange your feet to measure the other side.

Criteria for passing the test: the knee can touch the door frame, and the heel is not lifted off the ground.

If your knees don’t touch the doorframe, you may bend over or lean forward when doing squats and other actions, which is easy to hurt your waist. At this time, you can put your toes against the door frame and try again. If you still can’t touch it, your posture such as running and walking will be affected.

If this is not possible, the posture of daily life may be affected.

Straight leg lift

The third movement mainly tests the hip joint,Can’t passIt is suggested that the actions of raising legs and standing and leaning over are unsafe, and the actions related to running and jumping are also affected to some extent., prone to low back pain and leg strain.

Lie on your back by the door, the edge of the door frame is aligned with the midpoint of the right thigh (the lower end is the knee bend and the upper end is the bend between the thigh and the trunk), and the toes of your feet point to the sky. Press your right foot against the ground, lift your left leg as far as possible, and keep your knees straight and your toes hooked up. Then test the other side.

Criteria for passing the test:The left ankle can exceed the edge of the door frame (the most protruding part of the bone outside the ankle), and the position of the right leg remains unchanged.

The left ankle can’t reach the edge of the door frame, suggesting that the left hip joint has insufficient flexion ability, and it may bend over when doing high leg lifting or hard pulling, which is easy to cause low back pain.

Correct leg lifting action

People with insufficient ability stoop loosely, and the harder they practice, the more painful their backs get.

Insufficient flexion of hip joint causes deformation of high leg lifting.

The tip of the right foot is tilted outward or the right knee is bent, which indicates that the right hip joint is insufficient in stretching ability, and the front thigh may be forced to exert too much force at ordinary times, and the hip is weak and has low back pain.

Rotating touch the ground

Next, you can lie in the same place and continue the fourth movement to test the ability of spinal rotation. If it doesn’t pass,The action of twisting the upper body or hitting the ball hard is affected, and it is easy to get involved in the waist.

Lift the right thigh to the vertical ground, then fall to the left, press the right knee on the ground with your left hand, and keep your left leg straight. Then raise your right arm and point to the sky, and slowly fall to the right ground. Test the other side again.

Criteria for passing the test: the right arm can touch the ground, and the position of the right leg remains unchanged.

The latter three items are all tests conducted separately on the left and right sides, not only depending on the unilateral situation, but also comparing the results on both sides. If there is a big difference between the left and right, other actions may be asymmetrical at ordinary times, which makes one side more vulnerable to injury.

After moving, it is most important not to move.

After the range of activities is large enough, it is necessary to stabilize the body’s ability to avoid injuries caused by excessive activities and the inability to use strength.

The following two movements mainly test the core stability, which is simply the ability of the waist and abdomen to control posture and conduct strength.

Even if you don’t exercise at all,Usually sitting in a chair, standing and walking also need stability to support the body. If it is not stable enough, it is easy to have backache.. If you like running, playing ball or lifting iron, you need to keep your trunk basically stable while moving your limbs to avoid injury, and transfer the force of pedaling to your hands.

Push up

It looks like push-ups, but this is not a test of how many you can do, but the ability to control your body when propping up. If it is difficult to maintain physical stability,At least you need to pause the push-ups and hand-lifting exercises, and heavy squats and hard pulls are not safe.

Put your hands on the outside of your shoulders, with men on their toes and women on their knees, and then try to support your whole body at the same time.

The standard of passing the test: the chest and abdomen are off the ground at the same time, the head, trunk and thighs are in a straight line during the whole process, the curve of the back of the waist has not changed significantly, and the scapula is close to the chest wall.

First straighten your waist so that your chest leaves the ground, and then your abdomen leaves the ground, suggesting that the core stability is poor and the lumbar spine is forced to overstretch.

In this way, in daily life, it is easy for the trunk to be unstable and the back is sore, and there will be undue waist flexion and extension during exercise, which is easy to be injured and unable to exert strength (except for those who simply cannot hold up because of the small upper limb strength).

The body is lifted up, but the head doesn’t follow up and stretches forward, and the scapula is obviously propped up, which indicates that the stability of the neck and shoulders is insufficient and it is easy for the shoulders and necks to feel uncomfortable.

Raise limbs

The test mainly examines the body’s ability to resist rotation and is divided into two levels of difficulty. If the simple version cannot be completed,When walking, climbing stairs or carrying heavy objects, your body may shake unnecessarily and you need to make up as soon as possible.

People who like sports, it is best to do the difficult version, so as to keep their bodies stable in various postures, reduce waist and knee injuries, and make sports performance better.

Prepare a straight pole before the test, and just remove the pole of the mop.Touch the ground with hands, knees and toes on both sides. The width of hands is shoulder width, the width of feet is hip width, and the arms and thighs are basically perpendicular to the ground. Then put the pole vertically in the middle behind you, supporting the head, back and buttocks. Finally,Raise one arm and the other leg to the ground at the same time.

The standard of passing the test: the trunk does not shake and rotate obviously during lifting and falling, the shoulders and hips are still basically parallel to the ground, and the head, back and buttocks support the rod without falling (the moving picture is 3 times the speed).

The difficult version is to lift your knees off the ground on the basis of the previous action, so that your calves are basically parallel to the ground and repeat the previous action.

The criteria for passing the test are the same as before.

When the stability is insufficient, the arms and legs on the lifting side are easy to be excessively raised, and then the body twists and the rod will fall.

These are the first two items of self-test, activity and stability. If all six movements can pass, it is usually easy for you to complete daily activities.However, if you usually have a lot of exercise or high intensity,You also need to pass the next three tests to fully test the basic motor ability.

In addition, this test is not a physical fitness test. It can pass the test that does not represent physical fitness and the sports performance must be good. The main purpose is to find out the unsafe and inefficient actions that you are doing at present, and then make up the deficiencies through targeted exercises in the next few periods, so that you can safely do more kinds of exercises with higher intensity and get better results.

Note: Unless otherwise noted, all the pictures in this article are provided by the author.


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Author: Daitian doctor

Editor: odette

Chomsky: ChatGPT’s false promises

[Editor’s note]On March 8, local time, the famous linguist and philosopher Noam Chomsky was in "New York Times"published an article entitled" ChatGPT’s False Promise ". Chomsky emphasized that there are great differences between artificial intelligence and human beings in the way of thinking, the ability to learn languages and generate explanations, and moral thinking, and reminded readers that if ChatGPT machine learning programs continue to dominate the field of artificial intelligence, then the scientific level and moral standards of human beings may be reduced. Noam Chomsky is a professor of linguistics at the University of Arizona and an honorary professor of linguistics at MIT. Ian Roberts is a professor of linguistics at Cambridge University. Jeffrey Watmull is the head of artificial intelligence in a technology company. The following is the full text translation:

Jorge Luis Borges once wrote that living in an era full of danger and hope is both a tragedy and a comedy, and a "revelation is coming" about understanding ourselves and the world. Today, we do have reason to be both worried and optimistic about the so-called revolutionary progress in artificial intelligence. Optimism, because wisdom is our means to solve problems. We are worried because we are worried about the most popular and fashionable branch of artificial intelligence: machine learning will bring a fundamentally flawed concept of language and knowledge into our technology, thus lowering our scientific level and degrading our moral standards.

ChatGPT of OpenAI, Bard of Google and Sydney of Microsoft are all miracles of machine learning. Roughly speaking, they get a lot of data, look for patterns in them, and become more proficient in generating statistically possible outputs: for example, languages and thoughts that seem like human beings. These programs are known as the dawn on the horizon of general artificial intelligence: it is a long-predicted moment, when mechanical minds will not only surpass human brains in processing speed and memory capacity, but also achieve all-round transcendence in intellectual insight, artistic creativity and all other unique abilities of human beings.

That day may come, but the dawn has not yet appeared, which is contrary to what those exaggerated headlines and unwise investments predict. If machine learning programs like ChatGPT continue to dominate the field of artificial intelligence, then Boggs-style understanding enlightenment has not happened, will not happen, and we think it is impossible. No matter how useful these programs are in some narrow fields (for example, they can be helpful in computer programming or provide rhyming suggestions for light poems), we know from linguistics and philosophy of knowledge that they are very different from the way human beings reason and use language. These differences greatly limit the functions of these programs and make them have defects that cannot be eliminated.

As Borges may point out, it is both comedy and tragedy that so much money and attention should be focused on such a small thing; Compared with the human brain, this thing is so insignificant. In the words of William von Humboldt, the human brain can "infinitely use finite means" through language to create ideas and theories with universal influence.

Unlike ChatGPT and its similar products, the human brain is a cumbersome pattern matching statistical engine, which wolfs down hundreds of megabytes of data, infers the most likely dialogue response, or provides the most likely answers to scientific questions. On the contrary, the human brain is an extremely efficient and even elegant system, which only needs a small amount of information to operate; What it seeks is not to infer the brute correlations between data points, but to create explanations.

For example, a child learning a language is unconsciously, automatically and quickly developing grammar from a very small amount of data, a complex system composed of logical principles and parameters. This grammar can be understood as the expression of an innate "operating system" installed by genes, which endows human beings with the ability to produce complex sentences and long lines of ideas. When linguists try to develop a theory to explain why a particular language works like this ("Why are these sentences considered grammatical and those sentences are not?" ), they are consciously and laboriously constructing a clear grammar version, while children instinctively construct grammar with little information. The operating system of children is completely different from that of machine learning programs.

In fact, this kind of program still stays in the pre-human or non-human stage of cognitive evolution. Their biggest defect is that they lack the most critical ability of any wisdom: they can not only tell what is now, what was in the past and what will be in the future-this is description and prediction; But also can tell what the situation is not, what the situation may be, and what the situation cannot be. These are the elements of explanation and the signs of true wisdom.

For example: suppose you have an apple in your hand, and now you let it go. Your observation says, "The apple has fallen." This is a description. The prediction may be a statement like this: "If I open my hand, the apple will fall." Both are valuable and may be correct. But the explanation is not limited to this: it includes not only description and prediction, but also counterfactual reasoning, such as "any such object will fall", plus additional clauses "because of gravity" or "because of the curvature of time and space" and so on. "If it weren’t for gravity, the apple wouldn’t fall" is a causal explanation. This is thinking.

The core of machine learning is description and prediction; It does not propose any causal mechanism or physical laws. Of course, any human explanation is not necessarily correct; We make mistakes. But this is part of thinking: to pursue correctness, it must be possible to make mistakes. Intelligence includes not only creative conjecture, but also creative criticism. Human thinking is based on possible explanation and error correction, which gradually limits the possibility of rational consideration. As Sherlock Holmes said to Dr. Watson, "When you rule out all the impossibilities, the rest, no matter how impossible, must be the truth." )

But ChatGPT and similar programs are infinite in design, and they can "learn" (that is, remember); They have no ability to distinguish between possible and impossible. For example, unlike human beings, human beings are endowed with a universal grammar, which limits the languages we can learn to those that are almost as elegant as mathematics, while these programs learn the languages that human beings may acquire and the languages that they cannot acquire in the same way. The explanation that human beings can rationally speculate is limited, but the machine learning system can learn "the earth is round" and "the earth is flat" at the same time. They are only exchanged according to the probability that changes with time.

Therefore, the prediction of machine learning system is always superficial and suspicious. Because these programs can’t explain English grammar rules, for example, they are likely to incorrectly predict the meaning of this sentence: "John is too stubborn to talk to him." (John is too stubborn to talk to.) ",it may think that this means that John is too stubborn to talk to someone or others (instead of John being too stubborn to reason with him). Why does the machine learning system make such a strange prediction? Because it may compare this sentence with the pattern it infers from other sentences, such as "John ate an apple" or "John ate", which really means that John ate something. The program probably predicts that "John is too stubborn to talk to Bill" is similar to "John ate an apple", so "John is too stubborn to talk to him" should be the same as "John ate an apple". However, the correct interpretation of language is very complicated and can’t be learned just by immersing in big data.

Paradoxically, some machine learning enthusiasts seem to be quite proud that their works can produce correct "scientific" predictions (for example, about the movement of physical objects) without explanation (for example, Newton’s law of motion and the law of gravity). But this prediction, even if successful, is pseudoscience. As the philosopher Karl Popper pointed out, although scientists will certainly seek theories with high empirical evidence, "what we seek is not a highly probable theory, but an explanation; In other words, a powerful and highly unlikely theory. "

According to Aristotle’s view, the reason why apples fall to the ground is because the earth is their natural place. This theory is possible, but it will only lead to more problems (why is the earth their natural place? )。 The theory that apples fall to the earth because mass bends time and space (Einstein’s point of view) seems extremely impossible, but it tells you why apples fall. True intelligence lies in the ability to think and express seemingly impossible but insightful things.

True intelligence is also reflected in the ability to think morally. This means using a set of moral principles to restrain the infinite creativity in our minds and decide what to do and what not to do (of course, these principles themselves will be criticized creatively). In order to be useful, ChatGPT must be able to generate novel output; In order to be accepted by most users, it must avoid producing morally repugnant content. But ChatGPT and other so-called "machine learning miracle" programmers have been working hard and will continue to work hard to achieve this balance.

In 2016, Microsoft’s Tay chat bot (the predecessor of ChatGPT) spread misogyny and racist content on the Internet, because it was polluted by the online sprayer, which filled Tay’s training data with offensive content. How to solve this problem in the future? Lacking the ability to reason according to moral principles, programmers rudely restricted ChatGPT, forbidding it to provide any novel ideas in controversial (that is, important) discussions. It guarantees its amorality at the expense of creativity.

Look at the recent conversation between one of us (Dr. Watumull) and ChatGPT about whether it is ethical to transform Mars to support human life:

Please note that all these seemingly complicated thoughts and languages are moral indifference caused by non-intelligence. Here, ChatGPT shows some mediocrity similar to evil: plagiarism, indifference and avoidance. It summarizes the standard arguments in the literature in a super-automatic way, and refuses to take a stand on anything. It uses ignorance as an excuse, but also lack of wisdom as an excuse, and finally provides a defense of "just obeying orders" and shirks the responsibility to its creator.

In short, ChatGPT and its peers cannot balance creativity and constraints in essence. They are either over-generated (producing truth and lies at the same time, supporting moral and immoral decisions at the same time) or under-generated (showing that they do not take a stand on any decision and are indifferent to all consequences). In view of the immorality, pseudoscience and language incompetence of these systems, we can only laugh and cry at their popularity.

The fairy of Ai painting descends to the world for ultra-clear mobile phone wallpaper.

With the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology, AI painting has become a new art form. Using AI painting technology, people can easily create various unique works of art.. Among many forms of AI painting, beautiful girl painting is a popular field.

AI beautiful girl painting provides a brand-new creative way for creators by using artificial intelligence technology. AI technology can help creators to create various unique images of beautiful girls in a short time, thus making the creation of beautiful girls’ paintings easy and interesting.

The advantage of AI painting lies in its rapidity and diversity. Using AI technology to draw beautiful girls, creators can create different types of beautiful girls in a short time, such as sweet, pure, mature and handsome. AI technology uses deep learning algorithm, and constantly optimizes the picture through a large amount of data learning and analysis, thus making the generated image of beautiful girls more real and natural.

The creative process of AI painting is also very simple. Using AI painting software, you need to choose the style of beautiful girl you like first, and then adjust some details, such as eyes, nose, mouth, etc., to generate an image of beautiful girl. If the creator feels dissatisfied, he can finally create a satisfactory picture through constant revision and adjustment.

In addition, AI painting technology can also help creators to generate in batches. Through one adjustment, AI technology can help the creator to quickly generate multiple beautiful girl images, thus improving the creative efficiency and promoting the development of beautiful girl painting.

In a word, AI painting beautiful girls is a new art form, which uses artificial intelligence technology to create images of beautiful girls with various characteristics. The rapidity and diversity of AI technology allow creators to complete multiple works in a short time. AI painting technology makes the creation of beautiful girl paintings more interesting and efficient, and it will surely become an increasingly important art form in the future.

AI painting beautiful girls is not only an art form, but also can be used in various fields, such as games, movies, TV series and so on. In the game industry, developers can use AI painting technology to create various unique game characters, thus enhancing the game experience and visual enjoyment of gamers. In movies, TV series and other industries, AI painting beautiful girls can also be used in character image design to help production teams quickly create various unique movie characters and improve the production efficiency and quality of movies and TV series.

AI painting technology can also help creators break the limitations of traditional painting and promote the development of art education. In the traditional art education, students need to practice for a long time to reach the level of skilled painting, and there are many constraints and constraints in art teaching. AI painting technology can help students create excellent art works quickly, thus enhancing students’ creative confidence and artistry and improving the level of the whole art education.

However, there are also some problems and challenges in AI painting beautiful girls. People are worried that the application of technology will damage the original artistic spirit, thus affecting the progress of human art. In addition, AI technology may also have copyright disputes and personal privacy issues, which need the common attention and management of all parties.

To sum up, AI painting beautiful girls is a new art form with great potential and development prospects. The application of AI painting technology can not only improve the efficiency and artistic quality of art creation, but also be used in games, movies, TV series and other fields, which has broad application prospects. We should not only enjoy the fun it brings, but also pay more attention to and deal with the problems and challenges of AI technology.

1: 1 to 2: 1! Red Wolf Rome set a 9-year unbeaten record, the madman commanded by remote control, and the sword finger won three consecutive victories!

At 01: 00 a.m. Beijing time on March 13th, the 26th round of Serie A is about to usher in a battle for four focuses. Madman Rome will face Green Bassa Sassuolo at his home Rome Olympic Stadium. Before the first leg of the league, Mourinho’s team suffered a 1-1 draw, and this time they met again. The team was determined to take all three points and take the initiative in the fourth round.

At present, the battle for Serie A has reached a white-hot stage, showing the grand occasion of four teams’ melee. The Nerazzurri played one game in Milando, with 26 games, 16 wins, 2 draws and 8 losses, and 50 points ranked second in the league, leading the battle for the four groups; Biancocelesti Lazio has 25 battles, 14 battles, 6 wins and 5 losses, ranking third with 48 points; Madman Rome and AC Milan scored 47 points (14 wins, 5 draws and 6 losses), ranking 4-5; The difference between the four teams is at most one win, and each round of competition is likely to change the pattern of the four competitions, which shows how fierce the competition is.

As the Nerazzurri Inter Milan unexpectedly lost to spezia 1-2 in this round of league matches, it gave the three major competitors a good opportunity to narrow the points difference. Once Milan, Lazio and Rome collectively win this round, the difference between the four teams will be only one point, and the competition for World War IV will become even more fierce.

However, for Red Wolf Rome, this round of league will be a huge test. The coach, the madman Mourinho, was unable to direct the game on the spot because he was suspended for two games, mainly because he was treated unfairly by the referee.

In the 24th round of the League, in the match of Madman Rome away to cremona, Mourinho made fierce resistance because he couldn’t stand the provocation of the fourth official, and was finally expelled by the red card, and was fined 10,000 euros by the Italian Football Association.

The Roma club appealed at the first time, and the madman was able to command the game against Juventus, but in the end, the appeal was rejected, which made it impossible for the madman to command the game and the next derby.

Although the madman Mourinho also retaliated on social media, making a classic gesture of crossing his hands on his chest, but all to no avail, the punishment will continue to be implemented, which will have a certain impact on the team’s next game.

Fortunately, in this round of league matches, Red Wolf Rome occupied the home court advantage, which gave the team a little more confidence. At present, the home court momentum of the team is like a rainbow, and it won five consecutive victories at home in all competitions, and all five matches were zero opponents. It defeated Verona and Juventus, the former Serie A overlord, and defeated Empoli, Red Bull Salzburg and Royal Society with two lines at 2: 0, and won the double-line victory in Europe and the League.

In addition, against the green Barcelona Sassuolo, Red Wolf Rome can be said to have a lot of experience. Since Sassuolo entered Serie A in the first round (2013-2014 season), the two teams have fought 19 times, and Red Wolf Rome only lost one game, with a winning-losing ratio of 9: 1 and a record of 9 wins, 9 draws and 1 loss. And the home game against Sassuolo remained unbeaten, with 9 games, 4 wins and 5 draws. The scores were 1: 1, 2: 2, 2: 2, 3: 1, 1: 1, 3: 1, 4: 2, 0: 0 and 2: 1 respectively, and the advantages were quite obvious.

From 1: 1 to 2: 1, Red Wolf Rome set an unbeaten record against Sassuolo for 9 years. It’s no harm for a madman to command the game remotely. The team has killed three games in a row. What is the final outcome? We will wait and see!

The picture comes from the internet. If there is any infringement, please inform me at the first time and delete it immediately!

Premier League standings! Liverpool 0-1 Manchester City 1-0 London double victory klopp robbed the rich and helped the poor.

There were many fierce battles in the 27th round of the Premier League. Liverpool lost 0-1 to the newly-promoted Bournemouth, and lost three precious points for the fourth round. Tottenham Hotspur beat Nottingham Forest 3-1 at home, throwing off as many as 6 points of the chasing Red Army; Blues Chelsea beat leicester city 3-1 away, and their state has picked up; Manchester City narrowly beat Crystal Palace 1-0, and scored three valuable points in the title race. Harland scored a penalty and continued to put pressure on the leaders Arsenal.

Liverpool in klopp is definitely the most representative team in the Premier League that robs the rich and helps the poor, and none of them exists. Why do you say this? In the last round, the Premier League wiped out its arch-rival Manchester United 7-0 at the Ampde Stadium, but this round was a big surprise away from home, losing 0-1 to the relegation team Bournemouth. You know, this is the first time that the Premier League played against each other this season, but Liverpool has created the biggest tragedy of the season, beating their opponents 9-0. After the game, klopp said angrily that this is not our game. What’s more exciting is that Liverpool are facing two other relegation teams as follows: Nottingham Forest 1-0 Liverpool and Wolves 3-0 Liverpool. If the Red Army still performs like this in the remaining Premier League, then they are totally unworthy to represent the Premier League in the Champions League.

The two men in London joined hands to win. Tottenham beat Nottingham Forest, a newly promoted horse, 3-1 at home. England captain Kane scored twice. Asian brother Sun Xingyu scored a long-lost Premier League goal and continued to catch up with the third-ranked Red Devils Manchester United. It is worth mentioning that this is the sixth time that Tottenham captain scored 20+ in a single season. Kane will leave after playing this season, and charge for the first championship trophy of his career. Chelsea, the bloody blue team, has been in excellent shape recently. It won the last Champions League game and reached the top eight. This game continued to show off in the away game, beating leicester city 3-1, which made the blue team fans see the hope of entering the European competition.

Guardiola’s Manchester City narrowly beat Crystal Palace 1-0. Due to the disparity in strength between the two teams, Manchester City completely controlled the game, which was an offensive and defensive exercise. However, Manchester City just couldn’t beat the ball in the Crystal Palace. Fortunately, Gundogan made some points in the penalty area, and Nordic genius Harland scored a penalty, and finally beat the opponent, which was 2 points behind Arsenal. Welcome to the comment area!Premier League standings! Liverpool 0-1 Manchester City 1-0 London double victory klopp robbed the rich and helped the poor.

Reporter: Garti has a cold relationship with some Paris players, but Paris will not change coaches this season.

According to Italian journalist Moreteau, Paris Saint-Germain will not change coaches this season, and they will continue to let Garti coach the team until the end of the season.

Garti had a disagreement with Paris President Nasser, and the relationship with some players in the team was cold, because these players could not stand Garti’s training methods. Even if you win this season’s Ligue 1 title, there is no guarantee that Garti can stay in Paris.

At the same time, Campos, the sports manager in Paris, has been considering the future of the club, but his work has also been put under the magnifying glass of the Paris boss.


Good articles in magazines │ Yin Liming: AI empowers green and safe century-old buildings

When it comes to construction sites, what do you think of? Dust flying all over the sky, dusty workers, building materials piled up in disorder … In recent years, with the development of "smart construction sites", these have gradually become a thing of the past. In the construction industry, new technologies have been widely used, and information technology has been upgraded in an all-round way. The concept of "Internet", 5G technology and AI have been introduced into construction sites to realize digital, refined and intelligent management of construction sites. There is no blind spot in the management of construction site personnel, equipment, materials, construction methods and environment, which makes managers worry, implementers save labor, and the construction period is controllable. The construction mode of engineering projects is constantly innovative, more efficient and more efficient.

So, how do new technologies achieve more efficient, safer and more environmentally friendly "intelligent construction"? What amazing technical products are there in "Intelligent Building"? Recently, our editorial department interviewed Mr. Yin Liming, CEO of Suzhou Weishitong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. online.

Mr. Yin Liming, CEO of Suzhou Weishitong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Smart construction sites are in the ascendant and have broad prospects.

City: Please introduce the background of the rise of smart construction sites.

Yin Liming: The construction industry is an important industry for China’s national economic development, and it is also an important field to attract employment and protect people’s livelihood. Driven by the wave of global scientific and technological progress, the construction industry, as a pillar industry, will become the main direction of its development and transformation. At the same time, intelligent construction has officially become a national strategy.

Since 2019, nearly 20 provincial-level housing and urban-rural construction departments, including Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hunan and Chongqing, have issued documents in succession, demanding the promotion of smart construction sites. In November, 2022, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued a notice to carry out intelligent construction pilot projects in 24 cities including Beijing and Tianjin, and actively explore new paths for the transformation and development of the construction industry. Therefore, as an extension of intelligent construction in the project construction management stage, the future development is in the ascendant and the prospect is broad.

City: What kind of company is VIOS Calendar?

Yin Liming: Suzhou Weishitong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2020. It is a domestic AI head enterprise perpendicular to the construction field, and Weishitong Limu is its core brand. Based on the image visual recognition technology, the company deeply digs into the AI needs of the construction industry in the fields of quality, safety, environment and production efficiency, and provides AI solutions integrating software and hardware for users in the construction industry, helping the intelligent development of the whole field of construction.

At the beginning of its establishment, the company focused on the application of artificial intelligence in the construction industry. Through years of in-depth research in the field of industry segmentation, we have accumulated a large number of industry sample databases. In addition, due to the complex environment of the construction site, the adaptability of the algorithm itself is very high, and a large number of scene data resources are needed for deep learning by the machine. VIOS Calendar uses the accumulated massive database to deeply optimize the algorithm products according to the industry needs and scene characteristics. On the basis of forming industry data barrier, the industry algorithm barrier is further developed.

For this reason, in the first year, VIOS Calendar reached cooperation with head integrators in industries such as Guanglianda, Guotai Xindian and Xinzhongda, as well as construction groups such as China Construction and China Railway Construction. These high-quality customers also recognized the depth and breadth of our products.

AI algorithm makes construction sites more controllable.

"City": How did the products with AI algorithm as the core of VIOS Calendar land?

Yin Liming: The overall solution of smart construction site mainly focuses on the production and management of five key elements: people, machines, materials, law and environment. However, due to the low degree of automation in the construction site, only the "ring" and "machine" parts can be digitized at present, and other parts can only be digitized based on AI image recognition technology.

With the latest technologies of big data, cloud computing, AI artificial intelligence and Internet of Things, VIOS Calendar empowers AI in construction site monitoring, and centrally manages resources such as people, machines, materials, methods and environment in the construction site. With a controllable, digital and visual intelligent system, it conducts all-round and three-dimensional real-time supervision of project management, such as personnel task management, safety and quality management, inspection and supervision, and truly realizes intelligent management of site production.

At the same time, VIOS Calendar always adheres to the guidance of user value, constantly innovates and provides valuable services to users. In some special scenes, it is impossible to identify the scene with high accuracy by relying entirely on AI algorithm. Therefore, Vision has innovated and developed AI auxiliary accessories to help the algorithm realize scene identification. At present, the company has successfully listed more than 30 AI industry algorithms. It adapts to the multi-level management of enterprises and projects, truly reflects the site construction situation, and meets the management needs of personnel safety and property safety in different site application scenarios.

City: Please give an example.

Yin Liming: The traditional construction site inspection relies on manual entry, and the report summary is purely collected manually. The data has problems of objectivity and timeliness, and the personnel efficiency is low. The working face progress identification algorithm independently developed by VIOS Limu replaces the traditional "10,000 yuan" method with a "1,000 yuan" solution, assists the decision-making platform, and provides real data support for project progress management. Through the 4G zoom high-definition ball machine fixed on the tower crane platform, the construction work surface area is photographed in 360 degrees and panoramas are spliced. AI identifies the process steps of the work surface area, including which floor is currently under construction, which is convenient for the project to control the work surface construction progress in real time, check whether the project progress is consistent with the plan, realize active monitoring and feedback of the progress, and effectively help the project construction site progress control.

Calendar, such as shadow, to achieve full coverage of indoor scenes of buildings.

City: In November, 2022, the brand of VIOS Calendar was rejuvenated. What is the significance of this brand rejuvenation?

Yin Liming: Brand name is one of the most important assets of a brand, and it undertakes the mission of brand communication, recognition and memory. The word "Weishi" in the new brand name "Weishi Calendar" is taken from the registered name of Suzhou Weishitong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., and "Calendar" comes from Ming Feng Menglong’s "Awakening the World": "A Qingzhou City is right under the north window; See people in the state; I can remember it vividly. " In 2022, the company devoted itself to the development of 360-degree panoramic products, and the word "calendar" also implied that the mobile 360 inspection system that the company focused on building-"calendar like shadow" made the construction scene vivid through 360-degree panoramic records. Through the new brand name, VIV Limu hopes to not only retain and inherit the original brand intention of the founder, but also show the development direction of the company’s core business, and more accurately show the professional and vertical brand connotation to the public.

Calendar with you (special safety helmet equipped with customized 360 camera)

City: With the development of intelligent construction sites, many intelligent products applied to construction sites have emerged in the market. Compared with similar products, what are the characteristics of the "calendar like a shadow" created by VIOS Calendar?

Yin Liming: As a technology enterprise focusing on the vertical application of artificial intelligence in the construction field, Visteon has always been committed to helping the construction industry upgrade with the power of AI. Limu Ruying is a mobile 360 real-time panoramic inspection system independently developed to help the intelligent and digital development of the building field. It takes digitalization as the core, cooperates with mobile 360 inspection hardware equipment, adopts advanced technologies such as AI image visual recognition, VR, BIM, big data and Beidou positioning, and accurately records the whole process of construction and decoration with five-dimensional images, thus achieving the effect of digital-analog linkage and combination of reality and reality. Open the panoramic project management with one button, and present the most authentic and complete digital scene for managers.

As the first 360 panoramic product applied in the field of construction in China, Limu Ruying combines the characteristics of the current construction industry in China, and the product meets the needs of a series of China characteristics, such as privatization deployment, platform openness, data acquisition convenience, and algorithm scene. Rich application scenarios and huge market are the unique advantages of calendar. The potential users can be involved in various fields such as building construction, public construction, infrastructure, factories and so on, and the application market is huge.

At the construction site, workers are wearing "traveling" full hats for inspection.

AI empowers green and safe century-old buildings

City: With the release of the epidemic and the recovery of the overall economy, the construction industry will usher in a new round of development opportunities, and the application of artificial intelligence technology in construction sites will be more and more extensive. What are your expectations for the future market?

Yin Liming: I think there are several aspects to the expectation of the future market.

First, there is a shortage of labor force in the construction industry. At present, the aging trend of workers in many construction sites is obvious. From this perspective, some digital means are needed to improve efficiency.

Second, the country’s major policy, the country put forward the goal of building a strong country by 2030. In order to achieve this goal, the state will introduce more supportive policies, which is a policy dividend for the market.

Third, benchmark Europe and the United States. European and American countries have invested 1% in the informatization of construction industry as a whole, while China’s investment is less than 0.1%. I believe that in the future, our country will have a larger proportion in the investment of informatization in the construction industry.

Fourthly, standardization and standardization of informatization in construction industry. With the development of technology and the guidance and promotion of the government, the building information market will become more and more standardized. In this way, we can really apply better technology to the construction process.

On the whole, when the requirements for the quality of building products at the national level are getting higher and higher, and the demand for building products at the individual consumer level is getting stronger and stronger, I believe the whole market will get better and better. For VIV Calendar, our primary goal is to focus on the domestic market first. China’s construction market accounts for 18% of the global market, which is large enough. As a start-up company, it is even more important to do a good job in products and gain a foothold in the domestic market. After laying a good foundation, we will do some value extension at the product level and truly take customers as the center. After all, it is the mission of VIOS to use AI empowerment to help builders build green and safe century-old buildings.

The article was originally published in the column "People Interview" in February 2023 of Urban Development magazine.

Respect Zidane Deschamps: Think about other Mbappé’s best+easy management after the advanced European Cup.

Harold Marchetti, a reporter from Parisian newspaper, interviewed French national team coach Deschamps exclusively.

Why didn’t you talk after the final? Because of disappointment?

No. We live in an era that requires us to express ourselves, but that doesn’t mean I have to express myself. Disappointment sometimes brings more negative things.

I think I can be interviewed by the media. But before I speak, I like to analyze things with as many elements as possible. Earlier this week, I gathered my staff in Claire Fontaine, and we do this every year. The first part of the seminar is a long report on the World Cup. We are not complacent.

We also try to analyze the areas that can be improved. Then we will focus on the French team, which is the most important thing now. Starting from Monday, we will all focus on the qualification for Euro 2024, starting with me.

You actually have the initiative. Why did you choose to renew your contract?

I’m fed up with these false facts. I never have any cards to play. Only one person has it, and that is the president of the Football Association. It is his duty to extend my working period.

Like any coach, I have an obligation to take care of the team. If I am still here, it is because the goal (World Cup semi-final) has been achieved.

Who did you consult?

I won’t consult anyone about private matters. My circle is very small and closed, and my personal thoughts are given priority.

Why do you want to renew your contract for 4 years?

Very good question. For the first time in ten years, I found that my contract expired before Qatar. This is his decision, not mine.

But I don’t think it’s good enough … Before the big game, the uncertainty of the coach’s future may lead to external debates, especially the media, which may have a negative impact on the whole team. It stands to reason that I will go to Qatar with a contract until 2024. So there is nothing to discuss.

Will the failure of the last European Cup make you face criticism?

I don’t want to repeat the same mistakes, and I don’t want to brag about the loan. My contract expires in July, 2006, but do you really think I have seriously thought about things that far away?

I can bring it to 26 years if I play well in 24 years. However, at present, in my mind, even 2024 does not exist. Only by successfully advancing to the European Cup in 2024 can it be achieved. Many people are already imagining that we are in Germany.

But in two weeks, we will face a great country, Holland. I remind you, they almost beat Argentina in the World Cup. Three days later, we will have a tricky trip to Ireland, and Ireland didn’t play three days ago.

Are you influenced by some media, who prefer Zidane to you?

For several years, I have always had this ability to be unaffected by the outside world. Debates, possible debates, occupy the space of the media, but they have no influence on me.

So how to compete with Zidane?

This situation has led to competition in sports between us. Neither I nor he created it. I have no problem with that. As long as there is respect between us, this is the most important thing.

Does France also have this respect?

Don’t touch 98 France! France is a collective, which makes unity possible and unites the whole country. Don’t expect me to turn it into a splitting machine, especially since it doesn’t conform to reality.

Some people attend the party and others don’t, which should only concern us. Some people are taken to the media to express themselves, while others are withdrawn. But I have had contact and communication with most players of this generation, and 98 France is very good.

The withdrawal of Lori and Vallanet forced you to choose a new captain. Have you considered it?

I know which players can play, but I will communicate with them.

Could it be Mbappé?

Sure, killian can.

Is Mbappé the best player in the world at the age of 24?

If I answer yes, I will be criticized for not being objective because I am his coach. Other observers will say that there is a better candidate than him. This is their point of view. For me, killian is absolutely the best. Compared with his peers, his achievements are extraordinary.

So what position do you think he should occupy in the history of the French national team?

Except for those who have gone down in history in the French national team, that is, he, this list will be awesome.

Apart from his talent, what impressed you about him?

His maturity, his wisdom. He is proficient in communication and can speak several languages. He has a unique ability to make very complicated things simple. Some people accuse him of being selfish in the game, but I don’t agree. Of course he has this ability. Like some other players, he can change the situation by himself. But it is always part of the collective goal.

So how can he improve?

Killian came to the French team in 2017 and quickly gained a foothold. However, he always ensures that he can improve further. He intends to leave his mark on the history of the club. When he reaches a goal, he will set a new one. Mbappé in 2023 is no longer Mbappé when he made his debut. The same person, but his experience helped him. He is an excellent player.

Is he difficult to manage?

I am often asked this question, as if killian can represent a problem. Of course, he has his personality, his personality, but he is easy to manage. For players who think they are stronger than they really are, the situation is much more complicated.

Should he stay in Paris Saint-Germain or leave to grow up abroad?

This decision is up to him, and I am not his consultant. To be honest, killian doesn’t need me at this level: he manages his career well and has good enough people around him to make appropriate decisions.

Self-inflicted, Greenwood is leaving Manchester United.

William Hill: Self-inflicted, Greenwood is leaving Manchester United.

As for Greenwood’s talent, in fact, in the past time, we can see his talent show. For Greenwood today, he should have been the best player in the English youth team, but he was eventually abandoned by the team because of his wrong choices. This is of course his own fault, but it is still a pity in terms of his talent.

As for returning to Manchester United, we have reported many times. At present, Greenwood’s biggest resistance to returning to Manchester United lies in the head coach Tenghage and the management of the team. Greenwood’s return has been questioned by many players. Most players think that Greenwood will make the team more complicated, and the players of Manchester United women’s team have repeatedly expressed their rejection of Greenwood’s return. Manchester United’s management believes that Greenwood’s return will make the team’s influence decline, and even have a negative impact on the team, which is unacceptable to Manchester United.

Of course, even if Greenwood leaves Manchester United, he can still look for opportunities in other leagues and other teams. Even the England national team will never call up Greenwood again, but it will be during southgate’s coaching. As long as Greenwood can get a chance to play and southgate leaves the England national team, he will still get a chance to play. However, there is a premise that southgate can’t win the championship in the next competition. If he wins the championship, Greenwood will really have no chance. For all this, we can only say that the players are responsible for what they need to do.

Resolutely crack down on fake gambling! The latest voice of the General Administration of Sports, the football earthquake is just the beginning.

On March 12th, Beijing time, Gao Zhidan, director of the General Administration of Sports, was interviewed by the media, and he made a public response for the first time when he talked about the strategy of revitalizing the three major balls that the outside world was concerned about.

Gao Zhidan said: Football, basketball and volleyball have a large population and great social influence, and are deeply loved by the broad masses of people, especially teenagers. The results of the three big balls are not only the outcome of a game, but also the spirit of collectivism and patriotism.

However, in the men’s event, in view of the serious problems in the field of football, we have been deeply rethinking the methods and ways to solve them, systematically treating them from the aspects of ideological education, style construction, deepening reform, and doing a good job in current work, so as to regain the spirit of the Long March and do a good job in all work.

In fact, in the voice of the top leaders of a sports bureau, the focus is on the corruption in the football circle, or the interview with the public. The real problem is probably more serious than the reports seen by the outside world, especially the complicated interest chain. They are in various circles of China football to gain personal gain. As the president of football, Chen Xiaoyuan has now been taken away for investigation. The top leaders of a football association all have problems, not to mention the following executives, such as Zhang Lu, Ding Dongmei, Zheng Bin, Liu Yi and Chen Yongliang, who have public information. Obviously, the problems of the Football Association are far more serious than those seen by the outside world.

In terms of Basketball Association, the sudden withdrawal of Xinjiang Men’s Basketball Team shows the immature side of Basketball Association. From Yao Ming to Xu Jicheng and other leaders, there are too many double-level leadership roles involved in the management of CBA league and Basketball Association. For example, Yao Ming, a representative, is both Chairman chinese basketball association and Chairman of CBA. To put it bluntly, Yao Ming basically has the final say on some major issues. This is also why the Xinjiang Men’s Basketball Team has repeatedly stated that there is a problem of chaotic management in Yao Ming. Once there is selfishness or interest chain relationship in Yao Ming, the entire China basketball policy will face a collapse.

In the future, if there are problems in the revitalization of the three big balls and the overall results of the Paris cycle can’t meet expectations, then the earthquake in football is probably just the beginning. The new head coaches of football and basketball are mainly foreign teachers, and it is immediate to cut off some domestic interest chains. At the level of professional basketball, it is also determined to crack down on fake gambling and black promotion.